DUSU: PATH OF THE ANCIENT : Stranger Comics : Signed : Hardcover : Used : Kickstarter Edition


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Dusu: Path of the Ancient Graphic Novel. Good, used condition with slipcase and hardcover.

“This Limited Edition Volume 1 of the Path of the Ancient series has a reversible dust jacket that unfolds to a poster as well as foil inlay of the title on the cover.

Collects Issues 1-4 of DUSU: Path of the Ancient

Written by Sebastian A. Jones & Christopher Garner
Art by James C. Webster

These oversized hardcovers are 224 pages, adding an extra 96 pages of bonus material to what’s in the paperback and including two bonus issues.


Hidden from his kin and sheltered from his future, Dusu is raised among the Galemren (Wild Elves) in the secret heart of the Ugoma Jungle, a world in which he does not belong. But Dusu is not entirely human either. He is on the Path to something more… Dusu must focus his rage and become the savior of Ugoma before all he loves is destroyed.” From Stranger Comics